Académie Salon

Académie Salon

Académie Salon

Académie Salon is not just a hair salon,but a creative hub where the team gets to expand their skills and knowledge through internal and external education. With a family like environment and ongoing support from the top, Académie’s team learn from each other and grow together, in order to smash professional goals frequently.  
Annandale, New South Wales, Australia Annandale, New South Wales, Australia

Company Information

Located in the heart of Annandale, ACADÈMIE Salon combines international excellence, an extraordinary location and premium products for the very best in hair and beauty.

With the ACADÈMIE team’s high level of skill, experience, and ability to make people look their best - clientele will come back for more. They love what they do and their genuine passion for beauty, and clients looking their best, always shines through.

ACADÈMIE directors Mikele Simone and Richi Grisillo clearly establish their credentials as experts. Easy. But ACADÈMIE is more than just exceptional hair and beauty in the marketplace. ACADÈMIE stands for something. It has integrity and values beyond the superficial.

Visiting ACADÈMIE Salon is a rewarding, relaxing and entertaining experience.

Académie Salon opened just under 5 years ago and quickly grew to a renowned hair salon in Sydney’s Inner West. With experience in many fields of the hair industry like fashion and editorial, Académie Salon quickly because a favourite amongst local models, celebrities and influencers and continues to make waves within the industry as a powerhouse of talent.

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