Koto Hair

Koto Hair

Koto Hair

We are a family run business that have been operating in the Malvern are since 1997. Our business has been built on trust, values and great culture and we like to think of our team as our extended family.  
Glen Iris, Victoria, Australia Glen Iris, Victoria, Australia

Company Information

Welcome to Koto

We are Kristy and Tahleaha - two hardworking sisters who have combined their passion for hair with their love for expression to create something special.

We truly believe in the poetic beauty of hair and that it is a form of self expression, much like the way we dress or the feelings we convey.

At Koto, we embrace the unique style of each and every person, creating an experience that captures individuality and is full of creativity. We combine cutting edge trends with expert skill to produce an exclusive salon experience.

Koto Hair is a Kevin Murphy Session Salon, meaning our expert staff are specially trained in the products and ‘test run’ them before they are released.

All of this is done using eco-friendly products that lesson our carbon footprint and are kind to our planet.

Koto Started in 2009 after sisters and Tahleaha decided it was time to do things the way they wanted. Kristy had been running another salon in the area since 1999 and the two of them had been working together there since 2000. Since then they have created a space where all staff are treated equal and clients continually comment on the beautiful atmosphere and experience they have when at koto.

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