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Home A Guide to Posting Hair and Beauty Jobs on Headhunter Recruitment - Part 2

A Guide to Posting Hair and Beauty Jobs on Headhunter Recruitment - Part 2

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Welcome to Part 2 of Posting a Job on HeadHunter Recruitment. Now we are into the fun part of creating your Job Ad. 

Post New Job

So let's start, firstly on the left hand menu bar, under Publish Jobs. Click on Post New Job and this will take us to the Post New Job page. If you have this box displaying on your screen:


It means that you have run out of job posts and will need to purchase another Job Post credit. This is easily remedied by clicking on the Add Job Posting button, and following the instructions. Once  you have done that you can proceed with creating an Ad.

If you didn't get this box, it means you already have a Job Post Credit and you can proceed with the creation of a live ad. 

Draft Ads

One thing you can also do at any time - with or without credits - is create Draft Job ads. This allows you to always have one prepared for when you might need to advertise in a hurry or to allow you take your time in preparation of your quality ad. 

Creating a New Job Ad

So let's get started! A new Job Ad has two sections and both are very quick and easy to fill in - the Job Description section and the Position Details section. 

The Job Description section is pretty straight forward and looks like the below:

Job Description Section

So you need to fill in the Title for your ad - try to include specifically what you are after. So if you are looking for an experienced Hairdresser, you could write Qualified Senior Stylist for example.

Then Select Occupation from the drop down list. The current list includes these occupations:
  • Barbering
  • Beauty
  • Hairdressing
  • Education
  • Suppliers/Industry

Beside that, you can select from the next drop down list the position in that Occupation that you are trying to fill. For example a 2nd Year Apprentice, or a Massage Therapist. If you are finding that the position that you are requiring isn't within this list, please feel free to contact support through the contact page, and we'll be more than happy to get it added for you.

Then comes the hard part, the Description itself. This is where you are not only trying to entice a new Job Seeker, but are also trying to sell your business to that job seeker. Make sure you make your description enticing and don't forget you can add images and video. Just one caveat on the video though, if during setting up your Company Profile you ticked the box to show videos at the end of your ads, these will automatically be added and you won't need to ad them here.

Once you have written your amazing Description, you can ad some specific details, like an internal job number/referral number if you are using one, the point of contact, and then most importantly, the Location information.

Once this is complete, there are a couple of very specific tick boxes that need to be looked at:
  • Job Seekers that require sponsorship. If you are a salon that is happy to sponsor staff, please tick this box
  • Require Job applicants to attach a resume. If you want a resume to be sent through to you upon application (this will come through in an email when the Job Seeker applies), then please tick this box. 
At this point, you can decide if you want to Save as a Draft or Proceed to Next Step. Assuming that you are proceeding to the next step, let's now look at Section 2.

Job Ad - Section 2 - Position Details

Position Details is where you need to really look at what is being offered. So let's go through each section:

Job Position Details

Position Type: This is talking about Full-time, Part-time etc, you can select multiple categories here. So you can advertise for say Full-time and Part-time, or what ever combination you like.
Experience Level: This is talking about how many years the applicant has been doing the position your are requiring.
Salary Details: This one initially may appear a little confusing, in that it looks like you can only add Yearly Salary information. What actually happens is that when you type a number into either of the boxes, a new box will appear to the right, asking you to select whether the payment is Yearly, Monthly, Weekly or Hourly. This flexibility gives you the ability to offer a wage that suits your business the best.
Notified users: This is the person who will receive the applications when they come through.
Notes: This is for anything extra you want to add

Last but not least, is the Auto Renew box. If you want this Job Ad to keep on being up on the site, you can tick this box to allow the Ad to auto renew, every 30 days, and will be charged to the Credit Card that was originally used to purchase your Job Ad credits.

Now you have reached the end of your New Job Ad. At this point you can select to Save Draft, or if you are ready, you can go ahead and select Save and Publish, and you'll end up with an ad like below:

Hair & Beauty Job Post

Congratulations on Posting your First Job Ad on HeadHunter Recruitment!

A Guide to Posting Hair and Beauty Jobs on Headhunter Recruitment - Part 2
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