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Home A Guide to Posting Hair and Beauty Jobs on Headhunter Recruitment - Part 1

A Guide to Posting Hair and Beauty Jobs on Headhunter Recruitment - Part 1

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So you are ready to post your first job ad on Headhunter Recruitment, but unsure where to start? Well we are here to make it a lot easier for you with a Guide to Posting Jobs.

Firstly, if your company profile is completed and you just want a refresher on Posting Jobs, then you can jump straight through to Part 2, otherwise please carry on reading.

Job Post Appearance 

First thing, your job will have a snippet that is displayed in the Job Search page. This is an idea of what this will look like:
Hair & Beauty Job Post Search Page

So as you can see it includes items like:
  • Job Position
  • Location 
  • Type of Position
Second is the main hair and beauty job listing itself. Once a potential candidate clicks on the snippet, they will be taken to a post like this, which is the full ad listing:

Hair & Beauty Job Post

This full ad listing has the ability to contain everything that you need to promote your position, from:

  • Salary.Wages
  • Imagery and Videos
  • Information on the position
  • Minimum requirements that you need.
  • Company/Salon overview
So how to recreate one of these new Job Ads you ask? Well let's start......

Company Profile

Once you have logged into your Employer Account, you are automatically redirected to your Employer Dashboard. This page will show you all the metrics from Headhunter Recruitment relevant to your company and Job Ad, from views and messages, through to resume applications.

But for this project, first we need to check your Company Profile. As we showed you above, the company profile is displayed at the bottom of all your Full Job Posts, so we need to make sure it is complete. At the top, click on View Profile.

Company Profile

This is an extremely easy page to fill out, with the top section just your companies details. It's not until you get down to the Company Information section that you could potentially run into a few challenges:

Company Information

The part that can cause some confusion is the inserting of Media (images) and Video into your Company description. This is actually a two step process, and isn't done inline here. So firstly, if you aren't going to insert any images or video please skip this step. If you would like to insert images or video, read the next step.

Inserting Media

Firstly, scroll to the bottom of the page and click SAVE. Then over to the left in your Menu Bar, under Publish Jobs, you will see Media Manager. Click on this and it will take you to the Media Manager page. This section looks after all media, both Images and Video, that you can add to both your Company Profile and your hair and beauty job posts.

Media Manager

So click Add File or Add Video and add in any media you would like. This will all be sent to the Administration of HeadHunter Recruitment for approval to ensure only Work Safe imagery is being used. It can be put into the Ad or Description now, it just won't show to the public until approved.

Once you have uploaded everything you would want to here, go back to the Company Profile page and you can add your imagery. 

In your description, put the cursor in the spot where you want to add your Imagery or Video, then click Insert Media or Insert Video, depending on which one you are adding. A popup box will then appear where you can select the item to insert. It's as easy as that. This imagery/video is available on any job post that you create as well, so it only needs to be uploaded once.

Remaining Company Information

Why Choose Us and Company History are both voluntary sections, in that they don't need to be filled out at all. It's your choice! Also note that these are only Text boxes, so no imagery or video can be used in these.

Now onto the last few sections:

Website and Video links

Company Website: is pretty self explanatory in that it's your website link, but you need the full address including the https:// and not just the www.
Logo: is where you can upload your company logo directly. Please note that PNG and JPG files are the only ones supported.
Videos Displayed on all Jobs: this section is really only applicable if you have uploaded a video into the media section. If you have, you can select which one you would like to appear at the bottom of every job ad you put up on HeadHunter Recruitment, and it becomes an automatic thing for in the future. You can personalise each ad with different videos should you wish.
Show Phone if you tick this, then the site will show your contact number you are about to fill in, in the last section.

Company Contact Information

This last piece is just your contact info: Full Name, Email and Contact Number.

All these sections are required, as this is how all contact information is pulled from in relation to your Company Profile, not your Job Posts

So onto the actual Job Post themselves, but since this post is already extremely long, we'll shift over to a new post. So see you in Part 2.

A Guide to Posting Hair and Beauty Jobs on Headhunter Recruitment - Part 1
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